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IEC/ISO Delegate/Expert Report

The International and Regional Standardization Committee has identified a need for reporting on the results and actions of international and regional standardization activities. This reporting will serve two functions: 1) it will enable NEMA members to access information concerning topics of concern whether in their own committees or other committees that address similar topics; and, 2) it will enable communication of the importance and effectiveness of participation in international standardization activities. NEMA staff will be able to search for information to provide to members on request until such time as an on-line data access utility is established for members to use.

The reporting is needed from the following individuals:

  1. US Delegates to Plenary meetings (meetings of IEC and ISO Technical Committees and Subcommittees)
  2. Experts attending working group, maintenance team or similar subordinate committee meetings of IEC and ISO Technical Committees and Subcommittees.

The following link provides access to the form which is to be used for the reporting:

NEMA IEC/ISO Funded Delegate Report Form


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