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NEMA Political Action Committee (PAC)

John P. Selldorff, President & CEO, Legrand, North America

What is NEMAPAC?

NEMAPAC was established by the NEMA Board of Governors for the express purpose of supporting individuals for federal elective office that champion issues for the electrical equipment and medical imaging industries.  

Where do contributions go?

Contributions to NEMAPAC go directly to campaigns of House and Senate candidates who are important to our industry.

Who does NEMAPAC support?

NEMAPAC is bipartisan. It supports candidates based on their record of support for our industry and its public policy issues, not based on party affiliation.     

How can I make a difference?

Each individual contributor to NEMAPAC helps in our efforts to elect and support House and Senate members who support the electrical equipment and medical imaging industries. No matter the amount, every dollar counts!

Prior Authorization Form

The Federal Election Commission requires NEMA Members to grant Prior Authorization before NEMA can make contact with you about the PAC and receive PAC information.  NEMA PAC has a 100% compliance policy regarding this and all FEC regulations. 

CLICK HERE to start this process and click the "Grant Prior Approval" button.   This is not the donation step yet -- rather it merely allows NEMA PAC to point you in that direction.

Once you have a prior authorization form on file with NEMA, you will be granted access to the NEMA PAC website and can begin receiving information on how to participate.

For more information, please contact Phil Squair, NEMA PAC Treasurer, at NEMAPAC@nema.org of 703-841-3274.


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