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Energy Storage Systems

An energy storage system includes the storage device or medium and any power conversion systems, control systems, and management systems up to the point of common coupling with a grid or premise.

Systems include grid-connected batteries, dispatchable thermal storage, containerized compressed air, and flywheels. Control systems include:

  • Machine logic control and systems—hardware and associated software used in the supervision, monitoring, and/or control of energy storage systems
  • Man-machine interface—devices that require human intervention and are used to control or communicate the status of energy storage systems
  • Systems integration—services to plan, develop, implement, and manage integrated energy storage systems
  • Communications and software energy storage systems and the services they provide

NEMA Members participate as a collective voice to develop technical documents that promote and clarify energy storage requirements, collaborate with industry partners along the energy storage value chain, and address state and local code enforcement issues through industry-backed efforts that directly impact the energy storage market. ?



  • Administers the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for IEC TC 120, Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Systems
  • Coordinates industry input on National Electrical Code? (NEC) Section 706, NFPA 855 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, and other related codes and standards and provides regular updates to Members on revisions


  • grid modernization and smart grid benefits to state and federal policymakers
  • Provides adequate and appropriate training and enforcement of state installation codes in conjunction with the NEMA Field Representatives?


  • Grid-connected or independent of the grid
  • Operator/utility or consumer side
  • Delivered as a full product or integrated onsite

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