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Surge Arrester

High-voltage surge arresters are the primary protection against atmospheric and switching over-voltages.

Products include surge arresters used in medium- and high-voltage AC and DC power systems, gaps not inherently self-clearing, capacitors of the type generally used for protection against lightning, and resistors designed to protect from lightning or other abnormal voltages to circuits or equipment associated therewith.

Participation in the development of technical documents and engagement with other national and international organizations ensure NEMA Members' alignment with industry-backed efforts that impact the surge arresters market and create market demand through continued education and training of customers.?


Develops proprietary Standards and technical papers on surge arresters and sheath voltage limiter products

  • Administers the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that promotes harmonization with European and global standards
  • Engages with other Standard development organizations so that Members do not have to spend resources to track and engage independently
  • Addresses state and local code enforcement issues through industry-backed efforts that directly impact the surge arresters market, without having to spend resources to track and engage independently
  • Creates market demand for surge arresters through continued education and training of customers; collaborates with the NEMA Field Representative Program that works with state code officials and electrical inspectors in all 50 states to provide education and training to ensure that code provisions are properly enforced


  • Electric utility distribution systems
  • Medium- and high-voltage power systems
  • Railway cars, trolley busses, and feeder circuits
  • Secondary circuits


    1. Thermal Imaging of Arresters
    2. What to Look for in a Good Quality Arrester
    3. What to Look for in a Good Quality Supplier
    4. Understanding the Arrester Datasheet
    5. The Many Uses of Transmission Line Arresters
    6. The Lightning-Proof Distribution Line

Coming Soon:??

  • Educational/Training webinars for Members to use in their own educational efforts. Topics include "Field Testing of Arresters" and "Insulation Coordination Basics."
  • Cost-Benefit Calculato?r to help utilities identify economic benefits of surge arrester installation.

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