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Transportation Management Systems And Associated Control Devices

?Transportation management systems and associated control devices encompass the hardware, software, firmware, and integration services that enable intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The components, subsystems, and services used to design, install, operate, and maintain ITS include:

  • Dynamic message signs (DMS)
  • Portable traffic signal systems
  • Intersection (and other roadside device) controller hardware and software
  • NTCIP Communications interface devices
  • Traffic controllers and subassemblies, as well as associated software
  • Traffic cabinets, enclosures, load switches, and field terminals
  • Stationary and mobile traffic management centers
  • Transportation systems that sense vehicles (loops, video, and other technologies)
  • Environmental sensor systems

NEMA offers access to expanded markets through the adoption of performance-based Standards and a unified industry position for all aspects of ITS.



  • Develops and maintains Standards that apply to traffic controllers, dynamic and portable message signs, cyber and physical security, and performance measures
  • Supports the National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems Protocol (NTCIP) and Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) Standards
  • Provides subject matter experts on smart cities and infrastructure investment for industry events
  • Develops practical guidance documentation for implementing connected transportation from an infrastructure perspective (V2I) and for harmonized V2I communications
  • Aligns efforts with external stakeholders (e.g., auto manufacturers, cellular and wireless companies, city, county, state, and national government officials, and other relevant transportation entities) in the connected transportation market?


  • Advocates for unified industry positions on legislative and regulatory issues regarding Intelligent Transportation Systems at city, county, state, and national levels
  • Participates in congressional and regulatory efforts related to infrastructure, ITS, and other transportation policies 


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