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Codes and Standards Committee

The Codes and Standards Committee is composed of technically knowledgeable representatives of NEMA Member companies, appointed each year by the NEMA Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (SCAPC).

Engineering Bulletins

A document created to provide technical information addressing a specific issue related to a specific product or group of products, to interpretation of or explanation of policies or procedures, or other information somewhat outside the scope of a Standard.

International and Regional Standardization Committee (IRSC)

The International and Regional Standardization Committee (IRSC) is responsible for representing, supervising and coordinating all work of the Association in the development and implementation of International/Regional programs that address technical Standards, product and manufacturing regulations and their respective conformity assessment systems.

Grid Resilience: Reduce Outages, Save Lives, Protect Property

Minimizing the damage caused by major storms can start by ensuring that our electrical grid is resilient and reliable before disaster strikes, and by rebuilding smart after a major weather event. In the NEMA Storm Recovery Guide, find out how smart technologies available today can provide power systems that are safer, more reliable and resilient, and that can be restored more quickly following a disaster.

High-Performance Buildings Council

The NEMA High-Performance Buildings Council (HPBC) was established to promote the adoption of high-performance technologies and systems that increase the energy efficiency, safety, resilience, sustainability, productivity, and security of federal, commercial, and multi-family residential buildings.


The National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Protocol is a family of Standards that define the functional control and communications profiles for electronic traffic control equipment.??

Field Representative Program

The NEMA? field representative program serves NEMA members by promoting the use and adoption of the National Electrical Code ? (NEC ?) and by monitoring regional developments of importance to the electroindustry.

The ABCs of Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment is important to suppliers, consumers, and regulators. It enables producers to demonstrate that their product(s) meet relevant design and safety Standards and gives consumers confidence when selecting products in the marketplace.

Code Enforcement Officials

Building Code Officials, Electrical Inspectors, and others the capability to view NEMA Standards, guides, white papers, and Engineering Bulletins covering NEMA products ranging from adjustable speed drive systems to recommendations for handling water-damaged electrical equipment.


The Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Committee is responsible for overseeing NEMA standardization and conformity assessment activities in the domestic, regional, and international fields.

Meters and Sockets

NEMA Members manufacture equipment that is building America’s Smart Grid—a 21st-century electric grid that uses information and communications technologies, such as smart meters, to maximize the efficiency, reliability, and affordability of electricity, and ultimately help consumers make informed choices about their electricity usage.

Life Safety Systems Guides and Manuals Fire Detection, Alerting and Signaling
The codes, Standards, and technologies in the Life Safety Industry are constantly changing; NEMA has educational materials available for you to stay current. The available publications have been prepared by industry leaders in fire safety and life safety.


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